What Brands Miss with Social Media

    July 7, 2014

    When it comes to social media, lots of brands are still missing the point. Here are four points they often miss and what they can do take better advantage of the social opportunity.

    1. Think strategically.

    It’s surprising how many brands plow ahead on social media without considering what they’re doing there. It’s important to take a step back and ask: What are you looking to get out of social media – loyalty, engagement, better customer service? Keep in mind different social outlets will likely have different goals. By taking the time to define your objectives and develop an appropriate strategy, you can focus your social media efforts to meet those goals.

    2. Consumer behavior matters.

    Just like any other consumer touch point, marketers need to understand how consumers behave on social media. People on Facebook and Twitter are connecting with their world, and are more likely to respond to the personal side of your brand, not the corporate one. Consumers on LinkedIn expect to hear your professional insights, while more visually focused channels like Pinterest and Instagram are more about inspiration and eye candy.

    3. Respond to them.

    If your customers are commenting or asking questions through social channels, engage with them. They want you to. About 65% of consumers expect companies to respond if spoken to directly via social media according to a JD Powers Report. And make it personal, if possible. Even if you don’t change the mind of the individual who had the negative experience, your remarks will be read – and used to judge your brand -- by others.

    4. Email and social can be a team.

    Many brands miss the connection between their email and social media channels. If you have a large fan base on social media, leverage it to build your email list—or vice versa. Consumers who want to hear from you in one space may be happy to connect with you another. It just might not have occurred to them until you ask. Offering an incentive or giveaway doesn’t hurt either.

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